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Program Testimonials

Prevention Research Institute, Inc. (PRI) has been committed to helping people reduce the incidence of alcohol and drug-related problems since the beginning.

Thousands of instructors and counselors have trusted us to provide the best prevention, intervention and treatment tools to reduce high-risk drinking and drug use. Without their support, we would not have been able to touch as many lives as we do today. We serve our clients and end-users best by providing an outstanding experience at every level. 

Don’t take our word for it. See what our instructors, counselors, state administrators, and their clients think of us first hand.

Testimonials About Prime For Life ®

Watch a brief conversation between Transtheoretical Model pioneer Carlo DiClemente Ph.D. and Motivational Interviewing expert Theresa Moyers Ph.D about their surprising Prime for Life® experience. 

A few words from instructors:

Pamela Slaughter Weeks, Prime For Life® Facebook:
"I just completed a weekday class in Georgia. Great positive feedback! A young lady at the end with tears expressed her gratitude for all the helpful information. Thank you Prime For Life®!"
Ernest Medina, Prime For Life® Facebook:
"Yesterday I had the greatest compliment I could receive, a soldier came up to me at the end of the PFL course shook my hand and said, : sir you have truly changed my life forever". I was speechless; times like that make my job rewarding."
Tammy Orzol Hiatt, Prime For Life® Facebook:
"It is amazing how it makes so much sense so, it ends up presenting so well. Amazing how it really changes lives. I have people come to me in grocery stores or restaurants that I have taught and thank me for that gift. I tell them it is a great program."
Andrea Amburgey, Prime For Life® Facebook:
"I LOVE Prime for Life®! The staff works hard to be available and responsive quickly to all kinds of issues. That alone is much appreciated. BEST THING # 1 however: It is the Best Curriculum this old lady has ever worked. I can tailor it to a "get up and down busy" group of younger brains as well as address the defensive "This is a $$$ Racket" Group. And...if I get a client who discovers she is actually Ready To Change some behaviors about alcohol or drug use ... well ... Eureka. That alone will keep me working for another 5 years in this quite challenging field. Thank You PFL. You Did (and Continue to Do) Good!"

A few words from state coordinators:

Susan Long, Maine:
"What can I say? Prime for Life® and Prime Solutions® are arguably the best education and treatment curricula available, but what makes PRI is the people.  Customer-centered, caring, and professional, they are always responsive and this culture perpetuates itself by creating an atmosphere for learning and growth, whether it’s with instructor trainees, clinicians, or clients."
Lynn Jones, North Carolina:
"There are two major points I would like to make regarding the implementation of Prime for Life®.
First, the program is supported by current research and development in the field.  It has demonstrated success in reducing recidivism of impaired driving and other problems associated with substance abuse. PRI has ensured its evidence-based legacy by periodically incorporating changes into the program based on our developing knowledge and understanding of substance abuse.  The materials and training remain current and relevant to the populations we serve.  Knowing that we have an evidence-based program to work with is a major step forward.
Second, by adopting Prime for Life®, we have joined with a professional team that supports our mission fully in everything they bring to our state-new instructor training, continuing education, instructor coaching, web-based technical assistance and support, student and instructor materials, program evaluation, and networking with other professionals.
Prevention Research Institute staff is the most dedicated and professional group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

What experts have to say about Prime For Life®:

"Prime For Life® is a wonderful blend of informational, motivational and transformational experiences that clearly makes an impact with groups."
Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., Co-developer of The Transtheoretical Model and Prime Solutions® Consultant

Testimonials about Prime Solutions®

A few words from counselors:

Wyoming Prime Solutions® Psychologist/Counselor:
I love the program - as a psychologist, a teacher (have taught for many, many years), an English major, and finally as an actor (I have a background here in community theatre).  Your program provides an opportunity for all of these parts of me to express myself!
Prime Solutions® Counselor
Can't say enough good about Motivational Interviewing and Prime For Life®. Prime Solutions® is some of the best material I've ever seen.
UT Prime Solutions® Training Participant:
As a scientist, I fully appreciate the fidelity of the Prime Solutions® program development.

What experts have to say about Prime Solutions®:

"I believe Solutions offers a training and support system that is technically sophisticated, addressing counselor knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors while at the same time offering an intensive, evidence-based, guided yet adaptable program of treatment for addictions and other problems. Prime Solutions® continues to be responsive to feedback and is adaptable for use with a variety of clients at different points in the process of change. The comprehensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, evidence-based approaches, and technical support represent the best of the recent advances being promoted in the field by research-oriented, systems-focused leaders."
Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., Co-developer of The Transtheoretical Model and Prime Solutions® Consultant

Testimonials About Trainers and Training Events

Past training attendees have a satisfaction rate of 98%....

Tammy Bragg Grisham, Prime For Life® Facebook:
I have just completed a Prime For Life® in Dubuque, IA. It was amazing, very educational, and life changing! The instructors were great!
Arsen Kadoian, Prime For Life® Facebook:
This was one of the most meaningful educations in my life. Thanks, from the Swedish navy!

Want to learn more about the benefits of adopting Prime For Life® or Prime Solutions® in your organization? Please email Ejna Mitchell or call 1-800-922-9489 8:30 - 5:00pm Eastern Time Zone (ET) M-F.