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What We Do

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We are passionate about developing programs and services that can reduce alcohol and drug problems. And we are excited when we find people who share our desire to do this with excellence. We developed Prime For Life® for those who want more effective services for DUI and other indicated and selective prevention audiences. And we made Prime Solutions® to help treatment providers who want to implement the best evidence-derived treatment.

Like everyone, we have opinions, but wouldn't you rather know what research says? Most people would. It is just more effective. So our research staff constantly reviews research and where appropriate, we build persuasive messages around it. Research is our middle name, after all. We also build on research-based models.

  • We designed Prime For Life® and Prime Solutions® to be consistent with:
    • Motivational interviewing
    • Transtheoretical model of behavioral change
    • Lifestyle Risk Reduction Model
  • We infused these programs with content and experiences that touch both the head and the heart.

We bring you tools and training that will help you empower your clients with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to take charge, and make choices that will protect the things they value most.

There's nothing like hearing Prime For Life® participants tell us of feeling empowered and committed to make changes to their high-risk drinking and/or drug use after attending one of our programs. That's what we hear over and over. Instructors also tell us they are amazed to see such a difference in their clients at the beginning of the program and at the end.

The PRI Difference

What is different about PRI programs? We hope you will ask the counselors and instructors who use our programs.

People tell us they appreciate our non-judgmental, research-based, thoughtful approach. They appreciate our high quality materials and training as well as our commitment to service. They like that because of our nonprofit status we can put our resources into research, evaluation technology, training, materials and staff to serve you better. Like others, you will appreciate the partnership you experience with PRI, and our dedication to your success and the well being of the people you serve.

With all of our programs we provide:

  • Continuous refinement of sound research-based programs that have demonstrated effectiveness against recidivism
  • Exceptional ongoing training
  • Pre- and post-training support
  • We have a commitment to developing long term relationships with our state and system partners, and success of our instructors and counselors
  • Two-way communication that ensures our programs and services work successfully for our instructors, counselors, school owners, and state administrators
  • An effective prevention, intervention and pre-treatment program that has shown positive outcomes for participants
  • A treatment program that incorporates the latest therapeutic approaches used by leading researchers in the field of drug and acohol research and treatment into one protocol-driven tool.

We Develop

"I'm a full time CADC and have been for the past eight years in which time I have seen or heard many ideas when it comes to treatment and prevention, and I just want you to know that I truly believe Prime For Life® has nailed it. The material is great! This program is easy for the client to understand, challenges them to change, and demonstrates the benefits for change. Not to mention it is a pleasure to share with clients. Feedback from the group I facilitated was very positive! Thank you for the excellent way you taught and modeled the PRI course. "
Iowa Prime For Life® Instructor

We Train

We train instructors and counselors to effectively deliver Prime For Life® and Prime Solutions® to their clients. Training doesn't stop after attending a training event. We provide many online resources that are available 24/7 exclusively for our instructors and counselors. Instructors and counselors can also request one-on-one private training sessions if they feel they need further instructions.

View our training calendar and register for an event.

We Support

We provide on-going support to our instructors and counselors without additional costs.

  • Train instructors and provide support for the persuasive delivery of these programs.
  • Build partnerships with individuals and organizations to support low-risk choices over the long term.
  • Provide resources for instructors and counselors to expand their professional services to their communities.
  • Provide multi-media training resources for instructors and counselors to improve their delivery skills


We're always looking for ways to improve reliability of our prevention, intervention, and treatment programs, and improve the overall quality of service to our instructors and counselors. We offer multiple ways for you to voice your comments, ideas, and concerns. We don't mind hearing a random rant or two (honestly we like those). After all, your ideas have helped us continue to improve through the years. In fact, many instructor and counselor suggestions are the genesis of new features and services that we're able to