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Prime Solutions® Research Evaluations

PRI describes Prime Solutions® as an evidence-derived program.  That means Prime Solutions® is built on evidence-based practices like motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the Transtheoretical Model.  However, the program still must demonstrate its impact to be called an evidence-based program.  PRI is in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of Prime Solutions®.

There are positive outcomes available.  We recently completed a pilot test of Prime Solutions® , provided in combination with Prime For Life®. This study found positive changes in substance use with people mandated to substance abuse treatment.  The results are available in:

We also collected evaluation information from counselors. They provided their opinions about the Prime Solutions program and the first level of counselor training. The results are shown in:

For More Information

Questions about Prime Solutions® research? Please contact Mark Nason, Alcohol Research Analyst, Trainer.

Questions about Prime Solutions® content and implementation? Please contact Ejna Mitchell, Vice President of Programs.