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Teach & Talk 420: Exploring*


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*PRI is unable to award hours for sessions previously attended.

CES events are 1.5 hours in length. Participants will receive a survey email after the session, and will receive a certificate once the survey has been submitted. The link to the surveys are also available on the instructor site under "My Trainings." Note, participants must attend the entire session.

PRI supports low-risk driving choices. Therefore, we will remove anyone who is driving on a Zoom call hosted by our team. So as to not further distract, we will not chat or verbally ask questions first. You'll be able to join a different Zoom session, from a stationary place, at a later date.


PRI encourages instructors to use PFL program images to guide them in telling the "Prime For Life story.” This session will review effective delivery methods and provide an opportunity for instructors to observe a PRI Trainer “teach” a section, followed by a debriefing time to “talk” through key points. 

This CES Topic will review the Prime For Life 420 syllabus option. Participants will experience and discuss the scenes that comprise the Exploring Unit of this option, and look at the workbook pages that coincide with these scenes. We will pay special attention to images and scenes that are unique to PFL 420, including how and why the Exploring Unit ends in PFL 420 quite differently from the full Version9 syllabus.

Dates and Times (EASTERN TIME)

9/15/23 1:15 PM
9/22/23 1:00 PM

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Michelle Stephen Seigel
PRI Trainer

Michelle pilots programs and planes, traveling widely for work and for fun. She’s great at offering support and advice to instructors because she has done it all!

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