College Student Evaluations

Studies Regarding Prime for Life and College Students


Prime For Life® is often delivered on college campuses. The program is often taught to students who have violated campus alcohol or drug policies, through freshmen health classes, or through athletic departments.

Summaries of key PFL research topics are located below. Questions about these evaluations and the methods used can be directed to Rita Dykstra, PRI Research Director.

  • Orebro University, Sweden: 2007 Evaluation, Full
  • Sanctioned Students: 2003-2004 Study, Full
  • University of Richmond:1997 Dimensions of Wellness Course, Summary  Full
  • Dartmouth College: 1994-1995 Campus Evaluation, Summary  Full
  • Five Midwestern Campuses: 1993-1994 Sorority and Fraternity Members Evaluation, Summary

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