Prime For Life Publications & Presentations


Peer Reviewed Publications

Conference Presentations

  • Characteristics of young adult impaired driving offenders and response to indicated prevention (Society for Prevention Research, 2013) (PDF 284 KB)
  • Latent transition analysis versus traditional methods for assessing clinical significance (Society for Prevention Research, 2013) (PDF 379 KB)
  • Recidivism rates for a motivation-enhancing intervention versus other or no program (Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference, 2012) (PDF 329 KB)
  • Operating under the influence offenders: Three year recidivism rates for a motivation-enhancing intervention versus an alternative program (Research Society on Alcoholism, 2012) (PDF 489 KB)
  • Short-term outcomes for indicated prevention in a DUI population: Comparison of Prime For Life with another non-confrontational program (Research Society on Alcoholism, 2010) (PDF 140 KB)