Grievance Policy and Procedure


Your satisfaction is important to us at PRI. Therefore, we take complaints seriously. Complaints might be generated by event attendees, regulatory boards, and/or sponsoring agencies, and could involve refund requests, course content/materials, instructor qualifications, event facilities, completion certificates, or other matters. PRI will respond to all complaints in a timely and ethical matter. The steps below describe the due process for complaint resolution.


  1. Complainant submits a written grievance. Formal complaints must be in writing using the document linked to the end of this page.
  2. PRI reviews the written complaint. Typically, this begins with the Director of Training. In the event, the complaint involves this person, then the Vice President is responsible for initial review. Other PRI staff that might be involved including but not limited to the Chief Financial Officer or President. If the complaint can be resolved in favor of the complainant, this is done so. See Step 6.
  3. If further review is needed, then the assigned individual convenes a group of relevant individuals. The relevant individuals review the complaint or grievance. If the complaint can be resolved in favor of the complainant, this is done so. See Step 6.
  4. If further information is needed, PRI contacts the complainant and provides an opportunity for a hearing wherein the complainant can provide further evidence in support of the complaint. This informal hearing may be held via conference call, WebEx/Zoom, or some other agreed upon means.
  5. The PRI group reviews the available evidence and decides how to proceed, based on the majority of those individuals agreeing upon the determined course of action/resolution.
  6. PRI responds to the complainant in writing and describes the determination/resolution.
  7. When appropriate, PRI staff put the determination into action (e.g., issue refund, completion certificate, etc.).
  8. All records/documents related to the complaint/grievance will be filed and, if need be, reported to any appropriate CE providership boards as/when required.


To file a grievance, please print, complete and submit this document to the Director of Training:  Grievance Document for CE Events

To see the formal PRI policy, please click here.