Who We Are


Who We Are

Prevention Research Institute, Inc. (PRI) is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people reduce the incidence of alcohol and drug-related problems. We build partnerships for change, working with dedicated professionals to reduce high-risk alcohol and drug use throughout the world.

PRI is committed to being research-based and providing effective programs, quality training, and superior service.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To reduce problems related to alcohol and substance use.
We strive to inform. We strive to inspire. We strive to promote growth.


Our vision is clear: That our programs and partnerships with instructors will move individuals to protect what they value most and strive toward the life goals they want to achieve.

PRI Values


Change is constant and we embrace it, allowing for constructive learning.


We challenge ourselves to creatively develop the best alcohol and drug prevention and treatment programs possible. We dare to ask "why?" and "how?".

Growth Happens Here

In our programs. In our organization. And most importantly, in the people we serve.

Have Fun Working Hard

Our hard work is grounded by humor and laughter. We believe positive attitudes and enthusiasm create forward-thinking and healthy, happy people.


We are honest, ethical, and professional with colleagues, clients, and partners. We make decisions to do the right thing and act on them.


Respect is the foundation of relationships we have with each other and with our clients and partners. We share ideas and embrace diversity.

Social Responsibility

We contribute positively to the community that supports us. We work hard to shrink our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and reduce energy usage.


We are a private nonprofit organization. Profits from workbook sales are re-invested into the organization to further our mission.