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What is myPrime ?

MyPrime® is an online, self-led, personalized version of Prime For Life®. These two programs are similar in many ways - the science that has gone into developing them, and the time it takes to complete them. Both programs aim to change drinking and drug use behaviors by helping participants learn to reduce their risk of alcohol- and drug-related problems throughout a lifetime. The main difference is that one is designed to be experienced in a classroom with an instructor, and the other is designed to be experienced online.


All you need is a computer and a connection. And maybe some food and water. There's a lot to learn!


Experience myPrime when it's most convenient for you. 24/7. Around the clock.


Experience at your own speed. Dive deep into areas of interest. Review what you find most important. 


Who Is It For?

In our rapidly changing world, this list is growing in length. In situations where the existing face-to-face behavioral change intervention of Prime For Life is not available, myPrime is a worthy partner. 

Initially, myPrime was developed in cooperation with the US Army to provide soldiers—“in theater” or in barracks overseas—with a tool to assess their own high-risk behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes about drugs and alcohol.  

MyPrime  is now used as a self-assessment and intervention training tool to allow individuals from all walks of life and from the privacy of their own homes to begin exploring their high-risk alcohol and drug use attitudes and behaviors on their own time. 


How Does It Work?

What you'll experience
How you'll experience it

Three learning units:

  • Exploring Unit: Examines the perception of personal risk 
  • Reflecting Unit: Illustrates the progression toward addiction and allows participants to assess where they might be on that path 
  • Protecting Unit: Guides preparation for personal change 

An interactive, media-rich presentation that guides instruction and engages audiences using: 

  • Images
  • Animations
  • Videos


    Research and insights based on more than 1,800 studies conducted over the last 75 years around the globe

    Presenting information in a non-judgmental way that provokes new thinking and provides individuals with a solid basis for making decisions about their own alcohol and drug use

      Specific guidance regarding personal choices, support for change, and a plan for success 

      With PRI support and additional resources to help you protect the things you value most



      MyPrime is modeled upon the evidence-based Prime For Life program and, using research terms, is considered promising practice. Research continues into this effectiveness as we strive to provide the most up-to-date information in the most life-changing of ways. The Prime program experience is one that has been shared with more than five million people over the past thirty years. Review Prime For Life outcomes here.

      I didn't realize that for so much of my adult life I'd been putting the things I care about, the people I care about, at risk. I'm excited to start living in a different more intentional way. Not just around how I drink, but in all areas of my life! Thank you!


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