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We are researchers, trainers, designers, developers, coordinators, and support specialists helping others protect what matters most. We value relationships, so get to know us! We would love to meet you.


Meet Our Team

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David Rosengren headshot
David Rosengren Ph.D.
President and CEO

Evaluation | Program Development | Training

David is a licensed clinical psychologist who wrote the book on Motivational Interviewing (seriously, look it up - Building Motivational Interviewing Skills: A Practitioner Workbook).  

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Profile picture for user ray_daugherty
Ray Daugherty
Co Founder

Management | Program Development | Research

For Ray, designing and delivering Prime programs is a huge puzzle he loves to work. If not for family, friends, and photography, he might just keep working all day.

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Profile picture for user charlie_crouch
Charlie Crouch
Vice President Finance and Operations

Management | Operations

Charlie has seen and printed it all – from TWYKAA Kid to Version 9. He and his shih tzus run headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, when they aren’t out taking pictures.

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Ejna Mitchell headshot
Ejna Mitchell
Program Consultant, Prime Coach & Trainer

Management | Program Development | Training

Ejna has lived the PRI mission since she was 21 (so not that long). When not on the road training, she spends time with her husband and 3 children.

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Michelle Seigel headshot
Michelle Stephen Seigel
Director of Program Development & Training, Prime Coach

Program Development | Training

Michelle pilots programs and planes, traveling widely for work and for fun. She’s great at offering support and advice to instructors because she has done it all!

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Derek Jorden headshot
Derek Jorden
Head of Growth, Prime Coach

Communications | Training

Derek tells the Prime For Life story across the country. He has 2 sons, 2 dogs, 2 cats and spends most of his day trying to figure out how to fit them (plus his wife) on 1 bicycle.

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Profile picture for user mark_nason
Mark Nason
Alcohol Research Analyst 

Research | Training

Mark finds the facts that shape our programs, and translates them so the rest of us can understand. He relaxes at the farm, in the mountains, or on the ocean.

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Diane Padgett headshot
Diane Padgett
Director of Operations & Customer Service


Diane keeps the office moving – from database management and reporting, to website updates and client support. If there’s something we need, we ask Diane.  

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Rita Dykstra
Rita Dykstra Ph.D.
Director of Research & Evaluation

Evaluation | Research

Rita is an expert on taking research and turning it into practice. She evaluates all PRI programs and still finds time to roast marshmallows with her husband and 4 children.

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David Guinnip
David Guinnip
Director of Technology Development & Support

Operations | Program Development | Technical Support

Our programs are interactive and media-rich because David is up all night building them that way. His motto: Keep calm and Bleed Blue. Go CATS!

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Mike O'Bryan headshot
Mike O'Bryan
Media Producer

Communications | Media

Mike is the brain behind the brand. His creativity shines in all our programs and materials. He loves using design to make a difference. 

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Jamee Smith headshot
Jamee Smith
Director of Marketing & Communication


Jamee thinks a lot about how we talk to others. Her workspace overlooks a yard full of ducks and chickens. 

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Profile picture for user rosa_barron
Rosa Barrón
Operations Assistant, Prime Coach & Trainer

Operations | Training

From teaching to translating Prime programs, Rosa can do it all! We also hear rumor that she's a pretty good cook.

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Profile picture for user kristy-mayshak
Kristy Mayshak
Operations Assistant


Kristy is a former Teacher of the Year, and we're all in agreement that she's pretty awesome.

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Meet Our Associates

Blair Beadnell
Blair Beadnell Ph.D.


Theresa B. Moyers
Theresa B. Moyers Ph.D.
Consultant, Developer of the MITI


Carlo DiClemente
Carlo DiClemente Ph.D.
Consultant, Co-Developer of the Transtheoretical Model

Program Development

Profile picture for user katya_boltanova
Katya Boltanova
Contract Trainer, Prime Coach


Profile picture for user colleen_carterlunceford
Colleen Carter-Lunceford
Contributing Writer

Program Development | Training

Renee Eady Photo
Renee Eady
Contract Trainer


Profile picture for user allen_mac_mcgahee
Allen “Mac” McGahee
Contract Trainer, Prime Coach


jay headshot
Jay Pedelty
Contract Trainer


Profile picture for user mala_pritchard
Mala Pritchard
Contract Trainer


Larry Walton
Larry Walton
Contract Trainer


Profile picture for user robert_skrodenis
Robert Skrodenis
Video Production Assistant


Profile picture for user msnyder2
Melanie Snyder
Prime Coach, Technical Support Assistant

Media | Training

Profile picture for user robin_johnson
Robin Johnson
Financial Administrator


Dianne Hayward headshot
Dianne Hayward
Contract Trainer