Motivational Interviewing



Motivational Interviewing (MI), at its most basic, is a conversation about change. It begins with a premise that if people are pressured to change, they will push back, and the likelihood of change actually decreases. Conversely, when given an opportunity to explore their reasons for change, people are more inclined to be convinced by their arguments. MI provides this opportunity using a strong belief in the tendency of people toward growth and the importance of autonomy in decision-making and is now a well-established evidence-based practice.

Motivational Interviewing in Prime Programs

MI is infused within Prime programs at both a tactical and strategic level. For example, within Prime For Life, reflection questions are written to elicit client change talk and instructors are taught to reflect this change talk. Practitioners of Prime programs are taught to create a nonjudgmental atmosphere within which clients can explore difficult realities of their lives. When points of discord are encountered, instructors use tactics consistent with MI techniques like reflecting, shifting focus and emphasizing personal choice.


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