Partnership Testimonial

Mar 2024

The Team at Prevention Research Institute reaches beyond program provision, and into true partnership.

Utilizing Prime programs means you have a team behind you to help all along the way! Read below for what one Prime For Life Instructor has to say about this support system.

"I am an active duty Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor and work within the Navy's Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program. The command I am currently at did not offer Prime for Life because no one was a certified instructor. I am the only counselor for this area and have a full patient load.

The ENTIRE Prime for Life team from the support office, zoom instructors, directors, and everyone in between have been EXTREMELY helpful in assisting me with technical issues, working with time lines, my own personal schedule (as it is far from consistent), as well as their ability in answering any and all questions that I have has again been amazing! I have been through extensive drug and alcohol related courses and schooling and appreciate the direct and well outlined material that has been developed and put out by PFL especially the directions for instructors to be able to pass the information to others and be able to continue to assist those that would benefit greatly from this material and education...

Thank you again for all of your assistance and I am looking forward to instructing and sharing this course with other Sailors and service members!"  

- Drew, Navy Prime For Life Instructor