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Prime For Life

Some people call it a class.
Others say it’s a curriculum.
We think of it as an experience.


What is Prime For Life ?

Prime For Life® provides a judgment-free way of understanding how alcohol and drug-related problems develop, what we can do to prevent them, and why sometimes we need help.


It shifts attitudes, beliefs, and risk perceptions, bringing behavior change within reach.


It creates a unique self-assessment opportunity to enhance awareness of our values and what we might be risking.




It's evidence-based and regularly evaluated, providing positive outcomes worldwide.


Who Is It For?

It’s for the curious, the concerned, and those making high-risk choices. Approximately three out of every ten people in the United States make alcohol and/or drug choices that research shows are high risk. They experience the most problems, and this experience is tailored for them. This group includes, but is not limited to, people with a legal or policy violation on the road (impaired driving offenders), on the job, or at school. PRI partners with many state and local systems to provide court-required courses.

Shorter variations of this evidence-based, motivational, risk-reduction program make Prime For Life an experience that virtually anyone can benefit from, even those who swear they’d “never touch the stuff!” Prime programs are most appropriate for ages 13 and older.

Prime For Life Participants: It is our hope that Prime For Life will help all participants reflect on personal choices, be inspired and motivated to make changes, and most importantly, protect the things they value most in life.


How Does It Work?

What We Teach
How We Teach It

Three learning units:

  • Exploring Unit: Examines the perception of personal risk 
  • Reflecting Unit: Illustrates the progression toward addiction and allows participants to assess where they might be on that path 
  • Protecting Unit: Guides preparation for personal change 

Utilizing an easily accessible, media-rich presentation that guides instruction and engages audiences using: 

  • Images
  • Animations
  • Videos

Research and insights based on more than 1,800 studies conducted over the last 75 years around the globe

With persuasion and motivational protocol, utilizing principles and processes consistent with Motivational Interviewing and the Transtheoretical Model

Specific guidance regarding personal choices, the management of resistance, support for change, and a plan for success

Emphasizing the role of empathy and the importance of collaboration

Activities that are to be completed during sessions, utilizing workbooks required for all participants

Presenting carefully selected information in a non-judgmental way which provokes new thinking and provides individuals with a solid basis for making decisions about their own alcohol and drug use

Keys to Success


The Prime For Life experience is led by a certified instructor, and certification in any version of Prime For Life allows an instructor to deliver all versions of the program. Effectiveness also requires fidelity and we measure fidelity among instructors with our expert-designed quality assurance tool, Moving ForWarD. Interested in becoming a Prime For Life Instructor? Visit the New Instructor Training page for more information.


PRI supports instructors with ongoing toll-free program assistance, web support, webinars, media-rich online manuals, and customizable instructor dashboards filled with resources.



Prime For Life is an experience that has been shared with more than five million people over the past thirty years. From research we and others do, from instructors' observations during their classroom experiences, and through feedback from participants about how Prime For Life has changed their lives, we know it works!

I could not believe the difference in my first Prime For Life class versus what I had done before. People paid attention, they were engaged, and I could see the light bulbs going off in their heads!


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